5 Reasons a HYLA® Air Purifier Is Unlike Any You’ve Ever Used Before

5 Reasons a Hyla® Air Purifier Is Unlike Any You’ve Ever Used Before

As you may already know, the indoor air quality in your home has a profound impact on your household’s health. Dirt, dust, mold, and other allergens can cause severe allergies and aggravate existing respiratory issues, including asthma. To prevent this from occurring, purchasing an air purifier will help. Air purifiers, as the name suggests, cleanse the air in your home, helping you to breathe easier.

The Hyla® Air and Room Cleaning System is one of the best options on the market today. Here’s why this purifier is unlike any you’ve ever used before.

What Makes a Hyla Air and Room Cleaning System Ideal?

1. Removes Dirt, Dust, & Other Allergens

All air purifiers help to remove allergens. The Hyla system, however, uses a specially-patented water filtration system to do the job more effectively. This system helps to remove fine dust, mold, germs, and bacteria from the air.

Removes Fine Dust From Air


Removes Bacteria, Pollen & Molds

2. Works to Repel Insects

If you have insects and mosquitoes in your home, the Hyla Air and Room Cleaning System can provide relief. Add bug-repelling citronella to the filter water, allowing the smell to lightly waft through your home. After just one use, you’ll notice fewer insects; with continued use, you may never see a mosquito indoors again!

3. Uses No Bags or Filters

Traditional air purifiers use bags or filters to trap dirt and dust. Over time, these pollutants can clog your filter, reducing its efficiency. To continue using your purifier, you have to purchase new bags and filters. With the Hyla system, however, there are no filters, and you only need fresh tap water for each use. In addition to being more efficient, you’ll also save money because you won’t need to replace filters.

4. Includes Attachments for Vacuum Cleaners

Hyla provides a complete dust removal system for your home. Attachments are available that allow you to vacuum, dust, and remove pet hair from floors, carpets, and furniture.

Air purifier

5. Refreshes Your Home as It Disinfects

In addition to citronella oil, you can add other scents to your Hyla system to refresh your home while it disinfects. You can add a soothing lavender, invigorating citrus, or a few spoonfuls of salt for a fresh ocean breeze.


If you’re interested in purchasing an air purifier for your home, contact HYLA India at (0124) 689-0999. Located in Gurugram, HR, India. To learn more about this business and the products they offer, visit the HYLA India Facebook page today.

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