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Check Out Why HYLA GST is beset seller in Germany and other European and American Countries HYLA Worl'd Best Air & Room Cleaning System - Our Guide is Mother Nature! HYLA GST Separator Technology The HYLA GST (Geyser Separator Technology) is a unique water-bath filtration system, which uses ONLY water as a [...]

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What is air pollution?

What is air pollution? It sounds pretty straightforward… but it’s surprisingly complex!   We’ve all felt the negative effects of air pollution: whether it’s breathing in that sickly-sweet odor of hot asphalt, a hacking cough as you get out of the subway, or itchy eyes when you stop at a red light. But how polluted [...]

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What you need to know about air pollutants

What you need to know about air pollutants The air we breathe is made up of 99% oxygen and nitrogen but also of natural and human-induced pollutants, that may have a short or long-term impact on our health. Get an insight into the main air pollutants! 1. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) What is it? It is a suffocating and [...]

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