Why Choose the HYLA® Air Cleaning System for a Healthier, Cleaner Home

Why Choose the HYLA® Air Cleaning System for a Healthier, Cleaner Home

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Why Choose the HYLA® Air Cleaning System for a Healthier, Cleaner Home , Union, Missouri

While it’s easy to spot when it’s time to mop or vacuum, recognizing when your home’s air quality needs improvement is more difficult. If you suffer from respiratory health problems or have other serious medical conditions, chronic exposure to poor air quality may exacerbate your symptoms. With air quality as important as it is, investing in an effective air cleaning system is essential.

Hyla India, understands that battling respiratory issues is frustrating. Below, they explain why eliminating indoor air pollution will make your home’s environment cleaner and healthier. If you suffer from certain health conditions, poor air quality can negatively affect you in a variety of ways:

  • Allergies: Exposure to indoor air pollutants like pet dander, pollen, pest droppings, or mold spores can trigger an allergic reaction or exacerbate your existing condition. Symptoms associated with allergies include headaches, fatigue, congestion, and irritation of your sinuses, eyes, and throat.
  • Asthma: If you have been diagnosed with asthma, safeguarding the quality of your home’s air is an essential part of preserving your health. Frequent exposure to common allergens and air pollutants may worsen asthma symptoms. While you may not be able to control what’s in the air outside your home, reducing exposure to fine particulate matter indoors through air cleaning products can help keep asthma under control.
  • Respiratory Infections: Along with common allergens, it’s also possible for bacteria and viruses to enter your home in a number of ways. For instance, endotoxin producing bacteria found in dirt is easily tracked in by muddy shoes or pets. While not always harmful, when certain forms of these bacteria and viruses become airborne, they can cause or worsen respiratory infections.

air cleaningUsing an advanced air filtration system to eliminate soil and other tiny particles will help prevent health hazards from entering your house. The HYLA® system is a unique air purifier that uses a water-bath filtration system known as Geyser Separator Technology (GST). Using this specially designed technology, the unit pushes air through a water reservoir where heavy dust and dirt particles are captured and removed. Once filtered, only pure, fresh air is pumped back out into your room, leaving your home clean and free from irritants and allergens.

If you or someone in your family suffers from respiratory problems, contact the team at Hyla India to learn how the HYLA Air & Room Cleaning System can help. To schedule a demonstration of this air cleaning product, give them a call at (0124) 689-0999. You can also learn more about the product by visiting them online.

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